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Swan Saunders Accountants

We’re a compact and dynamic local accounting firm that understands what small and medium-sized businesses need to grow and develop.

Why choose us?

Swan Saunders accountants has created a distinctive blend of accounting and business development services that seamlessly complement each other, providing you with a competitive edge in today’s dynamic business environment. We believe in going beyond traditional accounting and tax services, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions that leverage our investment in business advisory training, extensive experience, and deep knowledge of the industry.

When you choose us as your advisors, you’re not just getting ordinary number crunching and tax services. We take a holistic approach to support your business, offering a range of valuable services such as business planning, coaching, forecasting, cash flow management, and management reporting. These services are carefully designed to help you build and run successful businesses.

Our ongoing training ensures that we are well-equipped to understand your business and provide strategic guidance that aligns with your unique goals and challenges. 

We act as your trusted advisors, collaborating closely with you to develop and implement growth strategies, optimise financial performance, and navigate you through complex financial decisions.

About our Founder.

Glenn Saunders FMAAT is a seasoned professional with over two decades of expertise in the fields of accounting and business management. Throughout his career, Glenn has demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt and succeed in various entrepreneurial ventures.

Glenn’s journey began with a humble wholefood market stall, which he skillfully transformed into a thriving wholesale enterprise catering to local restaurants. This early entrepreneurial success ignited his passion for business and financial management, setting the stage for a fruitful career in finance.

Glenn launched his finance career at a local credit union, aiding and educating community members in financial matters while pursuing professional qualifications. Subsequently, he co-founded an accounting practice, offering his financial management expertise and support to a diverse range of small businesses, showcasing his expertise in financial management and support for entrepreneurs.

Glenn exited the partnership to establish Swan Saunders, driven by his aspiration to provide accessible advisory services that complement accounting support. Through this endeavour, he aimed to deliver affordable and comprehensive financial services, contributing to the success of businesses and individuals alike.

Known for his friendly and outgoing nature, Glenn is a people person who relishes the opportunity to connect with others, share experiences, and build valuable relationships.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Glenn is an advocate for plant-based lifestyle and a staunch vegetarian. He’s deeply committed to social causes and actively supports homeless charities, aimed at rescuing teenagers from life on the streets..

Start with a complimentary meeting

Want to work with Glenn and his team? This helps us get to know you and your business and make sure we’re the right fit for each other. Our aim is to know your goals and explore how working together you can ensure these are achieved. We want to ensure we have similar values and expectations. A complimentary meeting will show you how we can add value to your business to ensure you can achieve time, mind, and financial freedom.

If this sounds of interest, get in touch and book your complimentary meeting or request a phone call to find out more about our company