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CIS accounting services

CIS Accountant

If you’re in the construction business, subcontracting to other suppliers can make accounting and the payment of tax way more confusing and complex.

HMRC has set up the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) to try and clarify the rules and to ensure that subcontractors can’t avoid paying the tax they owe. Under the scheme, registered contractors deduct money directly from subcontractor payments which goes directly to HMRC.

According to the rules, you must be registered with HMRC for CIS if you:

The size and status of your company has no bearing, and you must be registered with CIS before you make your first subcontractor payment. Of course, you may also subcontract work yourself, which can further complicate matters.

You will need to prove to HMRC that you meet the requirements for gross payment status, and this can also be difficult.

CIS Accountant Services

Here at Swan Saunders, we know that all of this can be challenging, which is why our CIS accountant services are in place to help you navigate the waters. We can make light work of using any CIS software required and taking care of any invoices or deductions required. We can take care of everything with just a few details, ensuring you are fully compliant and have made any necessary payments directly to HMRC on time.

If you would like more information about CIS accountant services or need to find out if you are required to make payments, contact a member of our team.