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Capital Gains Tax Swann Saunders

Capital Gains Tax Accountant

Here at Swan Saunders, we’re very experienced in working with CGT, which covers the disposal of assets by businesses and individuals.

We know that the rules for CGT can seem a bit complex and confusing, but we’re on hand to make things crystal clear for you. This will include demonstrating which assets might be chargeable and which reliefs can be claimed.

In addition, we’ll assist you in reporting CGT matters and filing them accurately and on time. And we’ll also handle all other areas of CGT that might arise on your behalf. We’ll need a few details, and then we’ll make sure you only pay the correct amount of tax.

Working with us, you’ll have your very own capital gains tax advisor helping you with your issues, someone you can communicate with regularly who understands your affairs and your situation. Your personal advisor will have a working knowledge of any CGT-relevant assets you may own, such as property, business assets, shares or more.

In general, the disposal of an asset will be subject to CGT unless there is an exemption in place. That includes your primary residence, commercial property, rental property, shares, and personal property worth over a specific value. Basically, any asset that might have increased in value since you purchased it may be subject to CGT. However, various mitigating circumstances exist, such as if your yearly gains fall below your annual tax-free allowance. The rules can be complex, but you may be entitled to some relief on any capital gains you make.

To learn more about CGT or have your capital gains tax advisor take care of everything for you, get in touch with a member of our team.

Our standard fee starts from £349 + VAT