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Business Coaching Swann Saunders

Business Coaching

Our coaching programme provides you with accountability and support to ensure you make the best decisions for you and your business.

Quarterly Business Coaching

As a business owner, you can sometimes feel alone and unsupported. With so many things to think about, it can feel like you’re constantly juggling different balls. With all your time spent on staffing issues, financial compliance, HR and more, it’s easy to find yourself spending less and less time working on your business, ultimately feeling trapped by the day-to-day pressures of working in your business.

That’s where we think we can help. One of the core goals of our business development planning and support services is to help you step back and look at your business in a new way. Together we will identify the strengths and weaknesses of the business and create a strategic plan to address any issues and develop achievable goals.

Our quarterly coaching service provides you with increased accountability and support so you achieve the results you want from your business. This regular coaching contact’s outcomes vary for each business but can include increased profitability and cash flow, customised reporting templates to measure actual performance against forecasts, and access to an expert sounding board to ensure you continue working towards your goals. This service works hand in hand with our business planning service as we arrange quarterly meetings to review the 90-day goals we set together to assess progress.

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed or lacking time to try and grow the business how you want to, our quarterly coaching programme might be just the tool you need to help you refocus. We know how hard running a small business can be, but it’s vital to find the time to think about where you want to go and how you want to get there. And with a quarterly meeting with our trusted advisers, we can help you develop a clearer picture of what this might look like. Get in touch to arrange your quarterly coaching sessions and strategic business coaching with a trusted member of the team.

According to research by ICF, 86% of companies report that they recouped their initial investment on business coaching. 

Monthly Business Coaching

We understand that owning and operating a business is hard work. On top of all the day-to-day operations, you must keep multiple other plates spinning, including staff management, health and safety and compliance. Not to mention keeping a grip on the financial side of things. Finding the time to do all of this can be stressful and lead to bad decision-making and, ultimately, further problems for the business.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to step back and get help. One of the goals of our business development services is to give you the power back over your business. If it feels like things are getting away from you or that you’re only just managing, taking a step back and compartmentalising the various areas of your business can be worthwhile. And that’s where our monthly coaching sessions come in.

Our monthly coaching programme provides you with accountability and support to ensure you make the best decisions for you and your business. Together, we’ll work to develop strategies to achieve your desired outcomes and gain the lifestyle you want. We can help you better understand the financial side of your business, including managing cash flow, annual accounts and forecasting, and helping you develop core values.

Whether your business needs guidance to navigate significant change or you simply want regular one on one business coaching with a trusted coach, we’re here to help. We can schedule monthly coaching meetings at times that are convenient for you. We can help you to take a step back and look at your business with fresh eyes, identifying the parts that are strong and working well and the areas that could benefit from some attention. Building on our years of experience working with small businesses and providing business development support, we will support you in growing your business at the right speed and in the right way.

Financial Awareness Business Coaching

We understand that as a small or growing business, you always focus on doing what you do best – providing goods and services to your clients in your area of speciality. However, without the luxuries of the dedicated teams afforded to larger organisations, you’re also responsible for HR, health and safety, managing your business finances, and more.

This can be a lot to juggle while taking care of the everyday business side of things. And without a clear understanding of the financial workings of a business, you can soon find yourself spending far too much time worrying about it and less time driving your business forward. This is where our business development services and financial awareness coaching can come in.

We’ll help you to understand your business better, enabling you to manage your cash flow better. Good management decisions rely on a sound understanding of the financial implications for your business. But get these right, and you’ll free up plenty of time to concentrate on growing your business in the way you know best.

Our financial awareness services involve meeting with us regularly to discuss your results, culminating in a deeper understanding and learning of the processes involved. Not only will this bring peace of mind and save time, but it will also allow you to produce and interpret your own customised monthly financial reports. Ultimately, the aim is to give you back the power over your own finances and enable you to grow the business in a financially responsible way.

For more information about our financial awareness coaching programme or to arrange your first session, get in touch with a member of our team. This could be the first step to getting to know your business better.