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business planning

Business Planning Consultant

The business planning process should be at the heart of what you do as a business.

Looking for a Business Planning Consultant?

Without a plan, setting goals or working towards targets is impossible. But we know it can sometimes be hard to work out exactly where you want to go as a business and when you want to get there, which is where we can help.

We can assist you in making accurate assessments about the current state of the business, using this information to plan realistic targets for the coming weeks, months and even years.

Upon completion of the pre-work we do with you, we’ll have a greater understanding of your vision and values to facilitate a four-hour planning session to help you create a clear one-page business plan.

The outcome of this process is to identify and prioritise goals (both short and long-term), develop strategies to achieve your goals and enable you to review actual performance against targets. It will also help you establish a 90-day action plan to address the business’s immediate and critical issues. And our quarterly coaching to review these 90-day goals is a highly recommended subsidiary service we offer.

Importantly, this process eliminates a factor that is all too common in business – procrastination. It can be all too easy to put things off until tomorrow, especially those that don’t necessarily make good reading. But with our business development support, we can help you tackle the most pressing business issues, going beyond these challenges to help you grow and become more successful.

Our business development services are what set us apart from the competition. We go above and beyond compliance; your success and growth matter. If you would like to discuss our business planning services, simply contact a member of our team to arrange an initial meeting. Read our Business Planning blog to find out more.

Check out this video testimonial from Amy, who has successfully completed her business plan. Amy’s experience and insights can provide valuable inspiration and guidance for anyone embarking on their entrepreneurial journey. Don’t miss this informative and motivating testimonial!